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We are born.

A few years ago, when the germ of this project first sprouted in my mind, I was appalled (and still am) by the T-Shirts we could get in the nearby shops. To start with, design was virtually absent and what design there was, was not innovative or illustrative in any way.

This kept tugging at my mind, and slowly I began to realise that we were shelling out exorbitant rates for stuff that could be obtained at half those. So I decided to make that happen, and here I am today, writing this, in the knowledge that my designs will find people who are willing to change, who are willing to shun the overpriced junk of the mega corporations and start caring about what they wear and how they portray themselves.

I started experimenting with Screen printing, the technique most widely used to print t-shirt designs, and then soon started creating t-shirt prints from scratch. This led me to start my first venture, called The Indus Valley Co, which had very humble beginnings due to my lack of funds then, mostly taking part in small-scale exhibitions, yet ending up having a very good response. After a while, I was unable to balance this 'side project' with my education, and the project slowly stagnated.

Last October, the time finally came for me to resurrect this pet project of mine; Injected with fresh funds from some of my savings and armed with a whole new arsenal of design knowledge, I founded Submersible. A name soon became a brand, the blank canvas filled with designs, and painstaking research into quality, fit and printing, tested and verified with real people, I began. Soon, days turned into weeks and weeks into months as my ideas turned into actual, physical manifestations before my eyes.

And here I am today. This is my story.

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