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Rise of the Face Mask period

If someone asked me to describe 2020 in one word, it would be hard for me to control my lips from forming an expletive. And I can confidently say that even the most ardent optimist would find themselves hard-pressed to counter my sentiments. While nobody needs a reminder of what is happening in the world right now, one cannot but go on with their lives, filtering the unwanted reminder of this sordidness from their thoughts, much like the masks that filter the air we exhale to protect those around us.

Masks have become a necessity, so much so that our brains have started to reprogram the faces of strangers that we encounter to accommodate a piece of cloth around their face such that it does not feel weird or odd to see it anymore. It has become a piece of clothing now that is hardly a matter of choice (Perhaps a certain country in the west would beg to differ). However, the kind of mask one wears doesn’t need to be imposed

upon as long as it provides sufficient protection. The design and fit are a matter of choice as with any piece of clothing and I feel part of accepting the situation around us and taking it in our stride is to have the choice to wear a mask that depicts our acceptance and will to fight.

With this spirit in mind, we have designed new high-quality face masks that have been designed to counter feelings of defeat and depression and to move forward with the confidence we feel in our favourite clothes. Our masks are armoured with bright, crisp colours that guarantees to lift spirits. The double layered cotton fabric has been woven intricately and has been certified as antimicrobial. This fulfils our aim to provide adequate and much needed protection without the uncomfortable feeling of breathlessness prolonged use of masks can cause.

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