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Clothing meant for everybody

Simple, affordable fashion created through craftsmanship, design & honesty

Art in our DNA.

A few years ago, when the germ of this project first sprouted in my mind, I was appalled (and still am) by the T-Shirts we could get in the nearby shops...

We do things a bit differently.

Our methods ensure high quality while retaining cost-effectiveness. This is because we care more about our products and our customers than our revenue.

Honest prints.

Hand made, right from the start, with the prints made using a process called silkscreen printing.

Safe inks.

We use water-based paints, which are safe to the skin, unlike oil-based colours, which may be harmful on prolonged exposure.

The sub fit.

Our fit is a unique blend of styles that ensures that different body types can feel comfortable wearing it. We call it the 'Sub' fit.

To the last detail.

Every fabric is tested before production to make sure that quality is never compromised.

We love to collaborate!

Brainstorming over a cup of chai seems like something you're up for? We're game, hit us up!







Our Team

Malhar Garud

Co-Founder & Lead Design

Aparna Garud


Pramod Rahane

Operations & Logistics

Rajesh D

Logistics Assistant

We stand by our work

Each product is well designed, including picking the fabric, the print and the care involved. We guarantee that what you get is of premium quality

Everyone fits differently

Some like loose, some oversized, some fitting; We've tried to be as varied as possible with our fits so that every body type feels comfortable.

Colours don't run

Our fabrics and prints are sourced only from good quality manufacturers and we have ourselves tested these over the years to make sure the dyes are fast

10 days, no questions asked

We trust our products and our customers so much, that if you don't love it, we'll gladly take it back and take your feedback.

The 'Sub' guarantee.

All our products are carefully crafted, through a painstaking process right from the procurement of the cloth, quality tests, custom designed fits and safe, organic printing.

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