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How our moods shape our fashion.

The other day, I was thinking of what outfit to wear, and that got me wondering whether I was subconsciously creating a montage of fabrics that reflected how I was feeling.

The monsoon had just begun, and the skies turned from sunny yellow to dull blue, and the clouds from white to grey; and this had an inadvertent effect on my mood - slightly sombre, brooding and a sort of melancholy air around the house. Of course, I had not even thought of these things when I picked out what I was wearing, yet later I realised how much the navy blue and the olive green hues I had picked matched the mood I was in.

And this is not just me, it is a well-researched fact that our psychological state affects the colours we perceive, select and interact with. And this is most true in terms of fashion, since we are mentally tuned to pick out different outfits everyday. So the summer hues make us go for a more cheery, bright look - full of pastel yellows and sky blues, while the winter months make us crave for the warmth of the dark maroons and the smooth greys

We too, believe that the right outfit is immensely personal, and love to craft our collections on the seasons and the frame of mind they put us in. We release our comfy dark hoodies paired with tees sporting a dash of colour as the monsoons and winters bring that familiar chill, and we turn to our minimal pastels and whites as the leaves turn green again and the sun decides to shine.


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