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How can I use coupons?

All our coupons come with a unique code that applies to all products defined within the coupon. Make sure to check the validity and the conditions of the coupon before using it!

Just enter the code in the coupon code prompt during checkout and associated rewards will automatically be applied.

Can I get a gift card instead of a refund?

Yes, simply let us know this request while returning a product. We will convert it into a Gift Card for you.

How long is a coupon valid?

It depends on the coupon. Some have a validity such as Diwali discount or New Year offers, while others are valid forever, such as 10% off on your first order.

The validity will be mentioned either on the coupon or presented to you when applying the coupon on the website.

What are gift cards and how does it work?

Gift cards are special vouchers of a specific amount purchased for someone that allows them to order for that amount on our website.

If you wish to gift a friend(s) something, you can get a gift card and allow them to choose whatever they like. 

Just select the Gift Card option on our homepage and fill out details of the person you wish us to send the gift card to and the amount you wish to add to the card. 

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