Getting out of our comfort zone, we should break away from those shackles that force us to hurry home every day.

Without picking a destination, set out to where your feet take you; do not listen to anything except your heart
And send Google on sick leave.

Explore the world around you, and let your heart be afraid for once.

Listen to It beat faster as your mind does not know what will happen next.
And when that happens, you will know you are alive.
And for then, you will need this t-shirt.

Explorer essentials

Color: Army Green
  • One tee and some lucky gifts

    Used by humans around the world to cover their upper body with something cool, comfortable and meaningful

    Printed organically using safe inks on bio washed cotton fabric hand made into a T-Shirt 


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We create handmade, screen-printed tees that break the monotony associated with T-shirts and bring something interesting to the plain, boring tee.
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